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Latina Playmates from Playboy

1973 Miss January, Miki Garcia

1974 Miss October, Ester Cordet

1982 Miss June, Lourdes Estores

1983 Miss March, Alana Soares

1983 Miss November, Veronica Gamba

1984 Miss July, Liz Stewart

1984 Miss November, Roberta Vasquez

1984 Miss December, Karen Velez (Playmate of the year)

1985 Miss June, Devin DeVasquez

1990 Miss November, Lorraine Olivia

1994 Miss August, Maria Checa

1995 Miss March, Stacy Sanches (Playmate of the year)

1998 Miss April, Holly Joan Hart

1998 Miss June, Maria Luisa Gil

1998 Miss September, Vanessa Gleason

1999 Miss June, Kimberly Spicer

1999 Miss July, Jennifer Rovero

2000 Misses January, Darlene & Carol Bernaola

2001 Miss March, Miriam Gonzalez

2002 Miss August, Christina L. Santiago (Playmate of the year)

2003 Miss January, Rebecca Ramos

2003 Miss March, Pennelope Jimenez

2003 Miss April, Carmella DeCesare (Playmate of the year)

2003 Misses December, Deisy and Sarah Teles

2004 Miss August, Pilar Lastra

2004 Miss November, Cara Zavaleta

2007 Miss December, Sasckya Porto

2009 Miss February, Jessica Burciaga

2010 Miss August, Angela Francesca Frigo

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